The Art of Letting Go

Often, while balancing our careers, households, children, relationships with extended family, and spouses, we tend to feel overwhelmed. It seems as if someone always needs something from you. More often than not, we neglect ourselves; our needs and wants are put on the back burner or abandoned altogether. Whenever we muster up the courage to do something kind for ourselves, whether it be a spa day or doing absolutely nothing, we are met with a mountain of guilt because typically, this means something else or someone else's needs went on the back burner. It's in these moments that we must learn the art of letting go. Not because we don't care, not because the act of self-care is selfish, but because we finally realize that we can't control everything. We conclude that taking care of ourselves is more about self-preservation than it is neglecting your responsibilities.

As an empowered woman, learning the art of letting go is a skill that sets you apart from others. By letting go, you relinquish the need to control the outcome. By showing up authentically for ourselves, we learn to embrace the concept of knowing what is for us won't miss us, and what is not for us won't reach us. This knowing does not mean that we stop pursuing the things we want; it simply means that while following those things, we are open to the understanding that there is something greater at work on our behalf.

Many of us struggle with the guilt of choosing ourselves first, well let me help ease your mind if this is you. As a Queen, part of our "duties" is to maintain order in the kingdom; however, what happens if you get sick, become weak, or can no longer see that things are running smoothly? Who will take care of you if you're always the one to take care of everyone else? To my point, the hierarchy should begin with YOU. When you take time for yourself, care for yourself, whether physically, spiritually, and emotionally, it makes you better equipped to care for others. One can not pour from an empty cup. So learn the art of letting go to maintain your peace.

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