Single Mother or Single Woman?......Know the difference.

The role of a parent has many different meanings based on different perspectives. "Single mother" is no exception. Mothers across the globe have been wearing many hats for centuries; whether dad is in the home or lives separately, most of the responsibility falls on mom. There's something about a mother's touch that no matter how caring or sensitive dad tries to be, he could never replace the nurturing love of a mom.

However, when mom has no support, no one to lean on when times get rough. The lack of support can cause further stress and put more on mom's plate. Now we understand how some women are not accustomed to or can not fathom raising or caring for a child without the father's support. Nonetheless, relationships do come to an end. A change in the relationship can create a new norm that will take some adjustment. While learning to navigate an unorthodox version of a family, it is an insult to the woman who struggles tirelessly day and night, not knowing when the time will come for them to get a break. Being a single mother is the only 24 hours day job that does not offer vacation or PTO, and to loosely flaunt the title of "single mother" around like a badge of honor is a smack in the face. To those mothers whose reality doesn't grant them the luxury of an every other weekend visit with dad, I'm sure she would pay the little bit of money she has to trade places with you.

Having been a single mother for almost 21 years now, having to adjust my work schedule to accommodate my children's needs, not having anyone to tag in for the annual doctors' appointment or dentist visit is hard. Then to hear a woman who has the emotional, physical, or financial support of the father brag about being a single mom, as if you would want to trade places, is outright offensive.

In conclusion, if you were not aware that there was a difference, then please note. If you can pick up the phone and ask the man who helped create your beautiful babies for any form of assistance, if you can count on him to help you when you don't know what else to do, you, my darling, are not a single mother. You are a SINGLE WOMAN.

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