"Keeping It Real" Is The New Fake

You’ve seen it, you’ve experienced it! In today's society, people are actually out here selling transparency as if any amount of currency can be equal to its uniqueness. Authenticity is now a branding strategy to market oneself as “relatable

In this world where being “real” has become a fad, just something to say to appear to be something that you’re not. Marketing your story has become the new success. Well excuse me, but my story has left scars that can’t be seen with the naked eye, my story has taught me lessons that could never be taught or learned in any classroom, my story ain’t cheap! You can’t put a price tag on the experiences I’ve endured, the roads I’ve traveled, the nights I’ve cried. There’s no amount of money that will convince me to minimize my journey to make you comfortable with yours. The world ain’t ready for this REAL!

Make me understand this “fake it til you make it” Moto or mantra Is the truth of who you really are that painful that you are comfortable pretending to be someone you are NOT just for external validation and temporary gain? Is the narrative you’ve told yourself and others worth the cost of your integrity?

When you would rather make up a story, that YOU think others will admire you for, look up to you because of and place you on an undeserving petal stool than you have reached new lows. Don’t you see that nothing is as painful as staying the same?

Instead be bold enough to stand in the mirror literally and metaphorically to become comfortable with the true essence of who you are. If you find some areas that aren’t flattering, change it! And while you’re working be honest with yourself and others about where you are OR keep it to yourself.

But whatever you decide to do, whatever you choose at the end of the day, chose to be real with you at all times, under any circumstance and without question. Let go of the idea of managing others perception of you, show growth, be growth. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be “real” in private with yourself. Chose today to not be a counterfeit of the awakened woman, release yourself from the need to be validated by people who don’t even know themselves.

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