Five Ways To Refine Your Journey

Hey Queen!,

This journey we're on called, Life is a path of discovery. It is filled with lessons, and test to guide us in our evolution and divine purpose. When we begin to question life, we ultimately begin the quest for more. We set off on a journey to discover, who we are, what we like, what we need and who we can help.

As we continue on this path the one thing we may discover is some areas that need to be refined . Refine means to improve something by making small changes, in particular an idea, theory or method more subtle or accurate. How many times have you glanced at you life and thought, "i really need to change that." Well, we are going to look at FIVE simple ways to refine your journey, Queen. No more wondering, hoping and praying. IT"S TIME FOR ACTION

1) Decide what you want - there is nothing like wanting to change but not knowing what you want or how to go about getting it. So, the first step to refining your journey is to make a decision right now what kind of life you want. And don't worry , as you grow what you want will change but we have to start somewhere.

2) Be intentional with your healing - We know that there are somethings we need to let go of, we know within our core that it's time to heal and make peace with our past. Whether we have to forgive someone else, or ourselves; it's time to close that chapter so we can prepare for the new one. Now, this does not mean ignore the lessons or forget what happened. It means we reduce the power it has over us and allow ourselves to turn that pain into purpose.

3) Focus on self improvement - how often do we give of ourselves without refilling. We make sure everyone else's needs and desires are met, leaving the scraps for ourselves. It's time out for that. It's time to get laser focused on YOU. Whether it's going for a walk, taking a candle lit bubble bath with soft music playing, or writing in your journal. It is imperative that we learn to take the time for ourselves. Begin putting into practice committing to yourself first before you commit to anyone or anything else. Listen, Queen I'm sure you've heard it before but allow me to remind you, you can not pour from an empty cup. It's like a bank account, if you keep making withdrawals and never a deposit, one of these days you will have insufficient funds.

4) Lifelong Learning - this one is special to me because I have recently understood the value in it. Always, and I mean Always be on a path of learning. Enroll into a class, learn a new hobby, read a book about a topic you have no knowledge about. Always be in a state of learning, this is the epitome of evolution and refining. Committing to be a lifelong learner, can improve your quality of life.

5) Don't settle for stagnant - this can be caused by feeling overwhelmed. When one feels overwhelmed a reaction to the pressure could be to not do anything. So one will settle for stagnation. However, this is not healthy, because it goes against the ebb and flow of life. Everything is constantly moving, therefore we as being need to constantly be in the flow of life. Always progressing forward. This is how you refine your journey. Life is going to continue to move with or without you, you determine if you're going to flow with it or remain stuck.

"Everyday, you reinvent yourself, you're always in motion. But, you decide every day :Forward or Backward" - James Altucher

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