Do You Want To Be Healed Or Whole?

What does being whole mean to you? This question has been bouncing around in my mind like a basketball. I've spent the last year and a half talking about "healing from unresolved childhood trauma" and "heal and make peace with the past," but recently, "wholeness" has been integrated into my thoughts. What if I had it all wrong?

Through my experience as a life coach, I've witnessed my clients have what appeared to be breakthroughs, but then revert back to old negative thought patterns and behaviors. We would go back to the drawing board to find the missing link, but what if, wholeness was the missing link?

We've seen it time and time again, someone can be doing so well, then something triggers then and they're back at square one, and after a few times of going around this mulberry bush, you're about ready to pull your hair out and give up. But before you hang up your boxing gloves and give up the good fight, let's explore the missing link, WHOLENESS !

While we're so focused on being healed (being sound or healthy again) we may have missed the very component that may prevent reverting to old patterns & behaviors, being whole (a thing that is complete in itself)

We enter this world as a whole being, it is our experiences and choices that bring about any form of brokenness within us. We become upset about not having the things and /or people we expected, and we allow ourselves to get stuck there, then continuing in a state of brokenness. This "brokenness" becomes a direct correlation to our actions and behaviors.

But when we decide to become whole, we are no longer comfortable with our behaviors, actions, and thoughts, we are no longer willing to settle for the band-aide and lollipops. To become whole we are willing to address the matters of the heart, therefore taking oneself through a refining process. Knowing that we have to release ourselves from the past because it no longer exists, we leave off concerns about the future because it doesn't exist yet, and embrace the present; once we focus on the present, the now. Then we can begin bringing restoration to our broken hearts and torn down spirits.

Restoration brings about completion therefore we become whole. I guess the question now would be, is it possible to become whole without any fragments of our brokenness? Well, that beloved, is up to you! Are you ready to take inventory of your brokenness? Are you ready to let go of all past experiences that made you broken and embrace a life full of newness? Are you willing to die to every version of your past that no longer serves you to become barely recognizable? The choice is yours!

Nazia Adeyemi

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