Queen EmBraced

You are a Queen! And it's time to reclaim your rightful place in your home and society but first, it begins WITHIN!

Queen EmBraced is an organization for women of color who have struggled with abandonment, neglect, and rejection in their childhood. Through online courses, I assist women to gain more confidence and set healthy sustainable boundaries.


It's time to stop living in a space of fear and unworthiness. To fully show up as your authentic selves, you must be ready to look in the mirror and face those ugly parts that you have masked for so long. Are you ready to acknowledge and own your shit? Have your limiting beliefs caused you to allow the people in your life to violate, betray and abuse you?

It's time to take your life back! with"Position Yourself: A FIVE STEP guide to reclaiming your inner Queen" Ebook. 

Step One: Heal the Past

 By healing and making peace with the past; you release that part of you that no longer serves the woman you are becoming.

Step Two: Know your worth and add interest. 

Once you become clear about who you are, your path to your Queendom becomes illuminated.

Step Three: Tap into your Divine Feminine Power.

Tapping into your feminine power is about celebrating our softness, knowing and understanding our essence.

Step Four: Walk with Purpose, on purpose.

Being clear about your purpose is essential to becoming the impactful queen that I know is within you. 

Step Five: Build Your Queendom

Creating the life that you want. Understanding the power of your words and intentions.

 The"Position Yourself Bundle" INCLUDES

- The digital ebook

- The digital workbook AND

- A FREE 30 min video where I break each step down and go over the workbook

You will also be added to a PRIVATE FB group, and join a community of like-minded Queens on the same path. 

This ALL at a value of $1497.00

HOWEVER, for a LIMITED TIME is available for $25.00!

Purchase your Bundle TODAY!!!




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