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Sumayah's Secret

Sumayah is an African American Muslim woman who was always considered the "black sheep" of her prestigious family. Born and raised in Philadelphia and HBCU educated she was determined to embark on a path of self-discovery. She struggled with her identity and where she fit within society. Until she met Jerome Whittington, who introduced her to his BDSM/Kink lifestyle. The intense pleasure she experienced with him caused her to question her sexuality and core beliefs. And if that's not enough, heavy family secrets are revealed that will change the course of her life. 


How It Got Started

The Story

While working for a telecommunications company taking catalog orders over the phone, Nazia had an overwhelming feeling of being unfulfilled. After about two months, she decided one day to quiet. That's right,  she walked right down to HR and informed them that she would not be returning. She felt a pull towards something more significant.  When Nazia returned home, she enrolled in an Author's Masterclass. After six weeks, she knew that she was ready to tell her story she began writing a book about her life, how she overcame generational trauma, and its effects on generations to come. However, she didn't expect talking about her childhood would kick up emotions that she thought were healed. She then began writing "Sumayah's Secret" as a distraction while working on those unhealed areas. The story quickly took a life of its own and became one of the best stories she'd written so far. She is now an author motivator, helping women to discover their power.


Book Reviews

What They're Saying


Absolutely Enjoy!

"The moment you begin reading, you step seamlessly into Sumayah's shoes. It's a page-turner every step of the way! I haven't read a book in years from front to back but I read this one in one day. You can relate to her easily; the struggles that she faces we all have faced in our own way. It's the triumph, take charge of your life and destiny that I think anyone reading this book can walk away with. I loved it! This book I highly recommend. 

- Terry