Nazia Adeyemi

Confidence Coach, Author & Creator

Nazia knew early in life that she had a purpose, that she was a change agent. But like most people who have a sense of leading others, she had to learn some hard lessons. For Nazia, her hard lessons came at the tender age of 14 when her grandmother, her sole provider, her support, her rock, her stability transitioned. That was the day her life changed FOREVER! Although she had no idea what the road ahead would bring, she persisted. She made PLENTY of mistakes, and it took her a few times to repeat the same cycle before she learned the lesson, but she understood. She shares her story, lessons, and mistakes with women to prevent them from repeating their lessons more than they need to. She is an author, a confidence coach, and creator; through her writing and the online course, "Position Yourself" she has helped women heal & make peace with the past and set healthy sustainable boundaries with great passion. She empowers women to see their own strength.